Golden bowerbird

Amblyornis Newtonianus

The Golden bowerbird is endemic to Queensland in Australia, where it is limited to the Atherton region.

It may be the smallest of the ten different bowerbird species in Australia at just 240mm and 79 grams, but it makes up for that as it builds the largest bower.

Constructed by the male  the bower is built between two trees approximately a metre apart and separated by a fallen branch or vine which is used as a horizontal perch.  Two vertical columns woven of small twigs bound together by fungus are constructed around the trees, rising up to three metres. During breeding season it is decorated with green lichen, orchids, seeds or ripe fruits.

The position of each birds bower can remain the same for up to 30 years and this has led experts to realise that they are important indicators of climate change.

Surveys being conducted by BirdLife Australia, hope in time to shed light on their dwindling numbers.


reference: Australian Geographic