Golden-crowned Snake

Cacophis squamulosus

The Golden-crowned Snake has a distinct yellowish crown-shaped marking on its head from which it gets its name. It is a small snake, 50 – 75 cm average, its body is brown to grey above and pink below. The pupils are vertically elliptical.

It is nocturnal, emerging at night to feed on frogs, blind snakes and sleeping lizards. During the day, it shelters under stones, logs and leaf litter.

The Golden-crowned Snake is terrestrial and may be found on the east coast, from central New South Wales to south-eastern Queensland. Preferred habitat is forest and sandstone areas.

The Golden-crowned Snake is venomous, but not considered dangerous. When cornered, these snakes flatten their heads, arch the neck strongly and make a series of striking movements with a closed mouth, but rarely actually bite.

Reference Australian Museum