Grey goshawk

Accipiter novaehollandiae

The Grey goshawk is a sleek, heavily built hawk with a body weight of approximately 356 gram for males and 720 gram for females, it is solitary and secretive. It has a wing span of 71- 110 cm. Fast and agile it hunts for birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. Rarely will it take carrion.

The Grey goshawk is more common in the tropics and sub tropics and rare in the extremities of its range.

Adults – Grey Morph:

 Head- pale grey. Eye- deep red, cere- orange-yellow. Chest – faintly barred. Belly- white. Wings upper – grey, under wings – white, faintly barred with grey primary tips.  Tail- pale grey-white. Feet – yellow.


Darker bars on chest, cere yellow, eyes brown, feet yellow.

Interesting to note that it can also occur as a dramatic totally white morph.

Status: Listed as Vulnerable in Victoria and Tasmania, Endangered in South Australia