Little eagle

Hieraaetus morphnoides

The Little Eagle is a strong, stocky small eagle with a wing span of 110-136 cm, body length is 45-55cam and weight is approximately 635 gram for males and 1046 for females.Its legs are heavily feathered to the feet. Can also occur in light and dark morphs.

 Distinctive flight with aerial undulations and soaring in tight circles. The Little eagle hunts mammals, birds, reptiles and occasionally insects and carrion.  It is found throughout Australia

Adults Light Morph:

Head- sandy to pale rufous, heavily streaked black crown. Eye- reddish brown, cere- pale grey to cream. Chest and Belly-  sandy to pale rufous, streaking on chest. Wings upper- brown with pale upper wing band and scapulars

Wings under- dark grey with distinctive pale ‘M’ pattern, rufous patch from shoulder to wrist

Tail- grey with dark barring. Feet- pale grey to cream

Adults Dark Morph:

Dark reddish brown replace the sandy feathers. Underwing pattern remains but darker


Similar to adults respective of morph but richer rufous and less streaked, Eyes brown, cere cream to pale yellow, feet cream to pale yellow

Status: Listed as Vulnerable in NSW and ACT