Grallina cyanoleuca

The Magpie-lark is also known as Peewee. Its name Magpie-lark is also confusing because it is neither a Magpie nor a Lark. They can be found throughout Australia apart from dense forests and the driest of deserts. It is often confused with the Magpie but is smaller at just 30 cm in length.

Magpie-larks  pair for life, defend their territory together and stay in the same area as long as food is readily available. They have a distinctive walk moving their heads back and forth as they scrounge around in search of fat juicy worms, small invertebrates, caterpillars, spiders, small lizards, moths, and some freshwater invertebrates.

Breeding is usually from August to February. The nest is usually on firm horizontal branches; the Magpie-lark gathers plant fibres and uses mud like mortar to plaster everything together. It then lines the nest with soft grass, tufts of fur, feathers or any other cosy material it can find. 3-5 eggs are laid and they share the incubation and care of their young.