Making marsupial joey pouches

Making possum/wallaby joey pouches

When juvenile marsupials come into care they need to be kept warm and quiet. WIRES carers are always in need of suitable pouches. Many people who would like to help our wildlife but are unable to commit to rescue or care volunteering, can help by making pouches and linings.


Wool: 8 ply pure wool (unfortunately we are unable to use pouches made from synthetic materials)

Knitting: Pouches should be knitted in plain stitch both sides, or 2 purl 2 knit.

Needles: Size 8 needles

Dimensions: 25 cm wide by 30 cm long

Closed on three sides and open at the top.



Material: pure cotton washable material only.

Dimensions: 25 cm wide by 30 cm long

The lining should not be attached to the pouch as it will need to be changed regularly.

We generally require more linings than pouches to allow washing and regular changes.

The lining should be closed on three sides and open at the top.

Having joeys in care not only takes time with chores such as feeding many times throughout the night and day, cleaning enclosures, making bottles etc. . Each joey be that a possum, glider, macropod or tiny Bandicoot needs a pouch. There are two kinds of pouched needed, one inner liner made of cotton and an outer pouch made of wool.

The inner liner is changed in many cases after each feed resulting in up to 6 pouches being used per joey over 24 hours. If you have multiple joeys in care  the number of pouches used over 24 hours can amount to quite a few. The average carer will often have 20-30 pouches in the wash at any given time.

 The sizes of pouches vary greatly depending on the stage of development of the joey in need and unfortunately with washing regularly, the life span of a pouch is not unlimited and as such the need for pouches is always great for marsupial carers.

Our branch is lucky, we have dedicated carers sewing and knitting pouches on a regular basis helping out other carers by supplying pouches when needed, we also receive pouches in the post from wonderful members of the public having read on our website how they may be able to help. This is greatly appreciated.

It is not only Australian members of the public that help out,  pouches arrive in the post having been sent all the way from places such as South Africa where we received a parcel of beautiful hand knitted pouches made from organic hand dyed wool.

Susan and Roseanne are both members of a group called knit4charities.  This group of lovely people are all over the world, Rosanne from Coraki ( our local area) had contact with Susan from Sydney who had contact with the South African branch.

Some of the pouches received were made by a lady in Johannesburg, others were made by a lady caring for birds and microbats from a small town outside of Cape Town called Wellington .  This lady and her sister Jenny also run a ” Farm Program” which try to alleviate the conditions of “pets” on farms. They help with advice on feeds, worming and immunisations in conjunction with local vets and the RSPCA. and believe it or not still find time to knit pouches for others.

Bonnie from Venice decided even though being on the other side of the world she could help Australian wildlife and knitted this beautiful woollen pouch plus made lovely liners one of which is seen in the image above.

We wish to thank everyone for these lovely parcels arriving in the post from concerned Australians and from members of the public all over the world wanting to do their bit to help our native animals.