Short-eared Brushtail Possum

Trichosurus caninus

The Short-eared brushtail possum better known locally as the Mountan Brushtail possum is restricted to moist forests of SE Australia extending from southern Queensland to around Newcastle in NSW. It is one of the largest species of arboreal marsupials living in wet sclerophyll forests in south-eastern Australia with  Head & Body Length 40 cm.—50cm and Tail Length 34-42cm.

These possums can have a variety of colours, from the common grey colour to golden, black, brown and a combination of all.

Sexual maturity is reached at about 3 years of age. The female gives birth to normally only one young. Pouch life is approximately 120 days, after which the juvenile possum will travel part time on mums back. Mortality rate at this stage can be high.

They tend to stay with their mother for much longer than other possum species.

Lifespan can be as long as 17 years.

The short-eared brushtail possum live in hollows  mainly found in old trees, so please think before cutting down that old tree, someone may call it home.

All possums are territorial. Let us make sure that they continue to have a place amongst us.

These possums are at times forced to take up residence in roof cavities due to loss of habitat.