Much needed Donations list

All of us like to do our bit for the environment by recycling, reusing and reducing waste. It is a great feeling if you can find a good cause to donate goods to. Sometimes businesses and other organisations also have unwanted stock or supplies, such as those with damaged packaging. As volunteer wildlife carers, Wires Northern Rivers appreciates donations of various goods from local businesses and individuals… And your donations can help us to help wildlife in our region.
We have put together a wish list, including things we regularly need, and a few “one off” goods that our volunteers would greatly appreciate.

 Aviary wire (max. proof) 1cm square
 Shade cloth – in good condition

Water proof plywood such as marine or builders plywood
 Cable ties
 Larger aviaries
 Towels
Cotton sheets
 Sewing machine and overlocker thread
 Velcro (sew on)
 Plastic tubs (small to large)
 Marine ply (offcuts are OK)
 Hemp ropes
 Tissues
 Cotton wool
 Napisan
 Washing powders and softener
 Antibacterial Soakers
 Antibacterial hand wash
Clean unused Paint rollers (23cm
 Washed River Sand
 Frontline for cats

First aid supplies
 Alcohol wipes
 Isopropyl alcohol
 Cotton/absorbent pads

Donations of capital items that were purchased by you, are $2 and less than 12 months old OR have a market value of $5,000 may be eligible for a tax deduction.

If you are able to help with donations, please send us an email:

You can post any donations to :


P.O.BOX 1356



Why are we collecting funds?

As a guide, consider these costs of caring:

  • Raptors need large aviaries that can cost between $3,000 and $10,000 to build, and then there’s the cost of feeding each one.
  • A heated terrarium for reptiles can cost up to $1,000
  • Possum boxes cost around $55 each, then there’s a enclosure/aviary needed to house them as they recover, pouches in which they can snuggle during the day, and $14 per week to feed and care for them – especially the orphans who need a special formula before they progress to their normal feed

    $300 helps to rear a brushtail possum joey over a period of 5 months.

    $180 help to rear a ringtail possum joey until it can be released.

    $15 feeds a wallaby joey for 1 week.

    $780  helps to rear a wallaby until it can be released after approximately 12 months in care.

    $25 feeds a Tawny frogmouth in need of long-term care over several weeks.

    $180 allows a juvenile flying fox to go into creche until release.

    $1,600 builds a mobile enclosure for releasing possums at different locations.

    $2,460 build a small flight aviary for birds.

    $5,500 builds a mobile nursery pen for wallabies and kangaroos

    $10,500 builds a pre-release facility for wallabies and kangaroos

Key areas of expenditure for funds donated:

  • Enable us to provide better financial support to our dedicated volunteers, including food subsidies
  • Provide an even higher standard of care to native wildlife in distress by providing improved rehabilitation facilities such as aviaries and pre release enclosures.
  • Directly help give more people the skills they need to become rehabilitators working for Australian wildlife by supporting our ongoing training programs