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5th July 2004

Nicki is a Red neck wallaby, he came in after his mother was killed by a motor vehicle.He is seen here a few days after coming in and being settled.




In these pictures Nicki has been in care 8 weeks,he is outside at all times in the nursery pen with other wallabies, learning how to interact, still spends most of his time in his pouch, but is now starting to hop around the pen for a very short time after feeds.

10th January 2005

Nicki is now out of the pouch permanently, and it will not be very long before he is ready to move to our pre release pen. He is a wonderful animal to have in care, interacting well with the other joeys in care.

He is seen here with one of his friends, a swamp wallaby. It is interesting how well the different Macropod species get on in a care situation, they support each other emotionally, depending on each other rather than the carer, amuch better situation as they do not have trouble separating from human company on release.



Nicki has his own species for company as well, having a play fight with his friend Maggie.






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