Noisy Pitta

Pitta versicolour

The Noisy Pitta is one of those iconic birds found in the rainforests along Australia’s east coast. The Pitta is a bird of the forest floor where it rummages through the leaf litter for the insects, woodlice, snails and other invertebrates on which it feeds. It bobs its head up and down and flicks its tail from side to side while it forages.

They are very shy in nature and if lucky you may spy one foraging through the leaf litter. They are a brightly coloured small bird that breeds in Oct-Dec, making a domed nest of twigs, leaves and moss which is lined with feathers. The nests are usually concealed on the ground between the buttress roots of our rainforest giants. 2-4 whitey-blue speckled eggs are produced in early summer.

Keep an eye out for them when you next visit the rainforest and you may just be lucky enough to see one of our most colourful Aussie birds.