Pied Butcherbird

Cracticus nigrogularis

The Pied butcherbird, inhabits drier forests and woodlands and often approaches parks and houses, it is widespread throughout large parts of mainland Australia. Male and female have identical plumage, but the male is slightly larger than the female.

One of the species’ readily recognised aspects is its beautiful, haunting, flute-like song which may be heard throughout the day and sometimes well into moonlit nights. They are also known to often include mimicry of a wide range of species in their repertoire.

Pied butcherbirds are carnivorous living off a wide variety of insects, also prey on small reptiles, mammals, frogs and birds. Most food is caught on the ground, the birds sit on an exposed perch and swoop down on their prey, they may hunt in groups of several birds but can also hunt alone or in pairs.