Thylogale Thetis

The Red-necked pademelon is brown-grey above, cream below with reddish neck and shoulders.

It is one of several similar species that live in eastern Australia. They hide and sleep during the day and come out at night to browse on short green grass and shrubs.

The Red-necked Pademelon lives in rainforest and eucalypt forest, often on the edge of the forest hiding in the thicker part and coming out to feed on lush grasses in the cover of darkness.

Pademelons breed all year round starting around 17 months of age, having one young. They can move very fast when and when they get frightened they will thump the ground in alarm with their hind feet.

Main threats  are motor vehicles, the fox, dingo, large birds of prey, python snakes and unfortunately domestic dogs.

Average weight is 7 kg for males and 4 kg for females.

Average head and body length in males 52 cm. Females 42cm.

Average tail length is 43 cm for males and 35cn for females