Red-rumped parrot

Psephotus haematonotus

Red-rumped Parrots are medium-sized, and adult male is bright green, with a blue-green head, a red rump, and yellow shoulders and belly. The female is a duller, olive-green, with a green rump and faint yellow or light green scales on the belly.

They can be observed in south-eastern Australia, throughout most of New South Wales (less so on the coast) and Victoria, with an isolated population in north-eastern South Australia and south-western Queensland.

Habitat is varied, open grasslands or lightly timbered plains, along watercourses and in mallee farmlands with access to water.

The Red-rumped Parrot feed on seeds and leaves of grasses as well as seeds, fruits and flowers in trees.

Red-rumped Parrots mate for life. The female chooses and prepares the nesting site, usually a hollow in a eucalypt tree. Eggs are laid on a decayed wood bed and the female incubates the eggs while the male regularly feeds her.

Lifespan is 15 – 20 years in the wild