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This unfortunate Mountain Brushtail Possum shows the injury that can happen when Possums are relocated. She was found some time after her family had been removed from the roof of a house in the forest. The roof was sealed off after the possum family had been trapped, then taken in to the forest and left.

We assume a wild animal will adjust, they do not if there is no where for them to go. If you have to trap a possum and relocate it, make sure you also provide them with a suitable home, make a possums box, or call for assistance.

Under NO circumstances just take them away, and hope for the best. This young female was euthanased, she had lost her front teeth, pulled out in such a manner that her face was infected as you can clearly see in this picture, she was thin and malnourished and had numerous wounds to her body.

How to make a possum home

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