Rose-crowned fruit dove

 Ptilinopus regina

The Rose-crowned Fruit-dove has a round pink hat on top of the head with a very vibrant green body. The chicks are fed a fruit diet making them a true Frugivore.


The Rose-crowned Fruit-dove has become vulnerable due to the decrease in food sources. They have been unable to adapt to the changes in the landscape due to the clearing of their native berries. Some of our other native pigeons now rely on Camphor Laurel however the Rose-crowned Fruit-dove is not able to survive on the noxious weed.

Camphor Laurel

Pigeons like the topknot and the white headed pigeon are currently surviving on camphor in small flocks. The camphor is probably not a very good substitute for the varied diet of the past and we have already hunted the massive flocks that existed 80 years ago into near extinction. Extensive plantings of berry producing fruits through Landcare has been a welcomed food source for the existing pigeons.

Seed dispersal

Many of our native berries such as the Blueberry Ash require the seed to be passed through the pigeon’s system in order to break down its very hard outer layer and allow propagation in the soil. This is therefore an essential function of the pigeon within our ecosystem. Pigeons can also drop native seed at the bottom of the camphor laurel when feeding and this promotes forest growth in some circumstances. Once these native species are established the camphor can then be poisoned and create tree hollows in a short time. Tree hollows are essential as many of our endangered species rely on them.


Pigeons are notorious for hitting windows. If this happens pick up the bird with a towel and place it in a box in a warm dark quiet place away from other animals and children and give us a ring. If this happens often at the same window you could put a blind or curtains or some shiny objects to lower the incident rate.

 Pigeons feed their chicks by regurgitating crop milk, so do not attempt to feed them any types of food as they may develop a sour crop which can be fatal. Always call for assistance should you find an orphaned chick or injured adult.