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Rough Scale Rescue

By Rhianna Blackthorn

A WIRES member called in with a hairy situation. Two Rough Scaled Snakes were trapped in chicken wire. We presume they had become trapped while mating, and although it looked nasty, both snakes were remarkably calm. The catch was that it would be difficult to rescue both snakes, as while one was being handled, the other would be in striking range. It meant that two or more reptile handlers would be required.

As you can see, the two heads are in striking distance of each other, making rescue difficult.

A close up of the Rough Scale Snake's head. Note that the fang sheth's are visable.

This photo shows three members of our snake team, all involved in this resue.

Both snakes were released after being checked for injury.

To learn more about the Rough -Scale snake please click here

Updated March 2021  

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