Scarlet-chested parrot

 Neophema splendida

The Scarlet-chested Parrot is endemic to southern inland Australia from south-eastern Western Australia through all central and northern South Australia and northern South Australia south to middle of Eyre Peninsula and Murray River, east to extreme southwestern Queensland and Darling River, NSW.

It may be observed feeding inconspicuously on the ground or in low shrubs, on seeds of grasses and herbaceous plants in open woodlands of eucalypts, she-oak, mulga with spinifex and saltbush.

 It is reported that  they seldom occur regularly at any particular site. Instead, they briefly turn up here and there, and then disappear, seemingly without a trace.

The male Scarlet-chested Parrot has bright green upper parts, a blue face, throat and cheeks and a scarlet chest, with the rest of the underparts yellow. Its flight feathers are edged deep blue. The central tail feathers are blue-green but the outer tail feathers are blue, broadly tipped with yellow. The female has a paler face and a green breast. Both male and female have a dark brown eye, grey-black cere (the fleshy part at the top of the bill) and bill. Immature birds are similar to the female but duller.

The Scarlet-chested Parrot nests in hollow trunk of a tall tree generally a vertical spout in an acacia or small eucalypt.