The White-winged Triller is found all over the Australian mainland. It feeds on insects found on the foliage of high trees or it may chase flying insects, it also feeds on the ground on fruits and seeds.

The Varied Triller is found along the east coast of Australia from about the Manning River (though some have been seen occasionally in the Hunter region) north to Cape York

Varied Trillers feed mainly on fruit and sometimes on seeds, nectar and insects. They mostly feed in the outer foliage of trees, but occasionally on the ground or on tree trunks near the ground. They are attracted to fruiting trees particularly to Fig and flowering eucalyptus trees.

The Varied and White-winged Triller’s nest is a small open, shallow cup, made of fine twigs, bark, rootlets, plant stalks and grasses. It is bound together with spider web and lined with lichen or rootlets.

White-winged Trillers breed in colonies, with many nests in one tree.

Varied Trillers nest is usually in a horizontal fork, near the end of a thin branch of a small tree.