White-bellied sea eagle

Haliaeetus leucogaster

The White-bellied Sea-Eagle is Australia’s second largest bird of prey; similar in size to the Wedge-tailed Eagle the White-bellied Sea-Eagle  has a shorter wings with a  span of 180-218 cm. Tail is also shorter than the Wedge-tail. Body length is 75-85 cm and weight is approximately 2400gram for males and 3330 for females.

 The adults are very distinctive with white head and under parts and grey back, wings and tail. They feed on fish, reptiles, birds, mammals, carrion and fruit bats. They are often found on the coast but are also seen far inland, along rivers and lakes.


Head – white. Eye – brown, cere- pale grey to light blue-grey. Chest and Belly – white. Wings upper – dark grey, under – white from wrist to body with dark primaries and secondaries. Tail-  white, under tail coverts- dark grey. Feet – cream


Brown with paler head and feather tips. Cere grey to blue/grey, eyes brown, feet cream

Status: Not globally or nationally threatened