White-winged Chough

Corcorax melanorhamphos

From a distance White-winged Choughs may be confused with Crows or Ravens, but the curved bill and red eye distinguish it from these birds.

White-winged Choughs are found throughout most of eastern and south-eastern mainland Australia in open forests and woodlands. Wetter areas are preferred as they require mud to build their nest constructed of mud in the shape of a large bowl. The nest is built high in a tree on a horizontal branch.

White-winged Choughs are social birds usually seen in family groups feeding on insects and seeds found in the grass or leaf-litter on the ground.

The family consists of the breeding pair and offspring from previous years. The offspring do not become mature till four years old and till then help the parent birds with nest building ( which can take considerable time if it is a dry season)  incubation, feeding and raising the chicks at breeding time.